Spatial Installation

Taishin Arts Award Spatial Installation

Embraced by the greeting path to embark on an artistic journey—accompanying the announcement of finalists and anticipating the laureates of the 17th Taishin Arts Award, Seed Spacelab is invited to create the Taishin Arts Award Spatial Installation that is on view in the first-floor lobby of the Taishin Tower.

Two gradually evolving structures mimicking round receptacles constitute an installation for displaying the floral-shaped documents of the fifteen finalists. The floral stems with red buds growing along the spiral staircase in Taishin Tower form a “greeting path” that welcomes all guests and creates a space where they can savor the distinctive charm of the selected works through images and texts.

For the document installation of the 17th Taishin Arts Award, Seed Spacelab conceives a “greeting path” by incorporating the color, shape and curve used in this year’s key visual and transforms them into elements of the installation. The same-sized discs symbolize the shared importance of each finalist. The gradually changing display, on the other hand, speaks of the uniqueness embodied by each work. The installation unifies individual works into one integrated whole, welcoming and ushering all guests into the fascinating worlds created by the finalists of this year’s Taishin Arts Award.

seed spacelab

“As children at heart, we observe the lives, matters and community around us, and explore the infinite possibilities of space.”

As creators of architecture and space, the seed spacelab sees every moment in daily experiences as the inspiration. By transforming the moments of life into architectural experiments in the city, new connections between the work, the environment, and people’s lives can thus be generated and reviewed.

Our main services include playscape design, interior design, and manufacturing integration. With expert knowledge and  interdisciplinary collaborations, we are driven to explore the potentials of innovative works with practical use in everyday life.

Time | 4/29~5/31, open from 9 am to 7 pm
Venue | First-floor Lobby, Taishin Tower