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NIU Jun-Qiang Solo Exhibition 2018

NIU Jun-Qiang

Refresh, Sacrifice, New Hygiene, Infection, Clean, Robot, Air, Housekeeping,, Cigarette, Dyson, Modern People. III

CHOU Yu-Cheng

The Hidden South

mt. project

Daily+ — International Biennial of NTUA Our Museum

Daily+ Curatorial Team

Visual Arts Award Winner_ The Glamorous Boys of Tang (1985, Chui Kang-Chien)

SU Hui-Yu

Performing Arts Award Winner_Break & Break! Dance Video Exhibition


Hey! Lady, please look at me! —2018 NTCH Innovation Series

LIN Su-Lien

Girl’s Notes—2018 Taipei Fringe Festival

SU Pin-Wen

BEHALF—Pichet Klunchun X Wu-Kang Chen


The Soup of Reincarnation—2018 Taiwan Traditional Theatre Festival

Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company

Those Days, Those Brotherhoods

Assignment Theatre

Infinity Minus One —2018 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

YiLab. SU Wen-Chi

An Oxcart for Dowry

Our Theatre

Grand Prize Winner_LUNA

Bulareyaung Dance and Cultural Foundation

We Island Dance Festival: Hsinchu Jump